The loading of the tubes happens from the side. We can deliver the machine from the factory left- or right-side open.

The workpiece must inserted into the clamping chuck by hand. The frontgate at the front of the machine must be adjusted one time. On START, the machine moves all 4 servo-driven axis to the exact programmed positions and the workpiece will be cut. After cutting, the machine moves to the position for removal of the remaining workpiece. The machine is now ready to load a new workpiece. The machine has safety systems monitoring all functions.


The plasma cutting process involves creating an electrical channel of superheated, electrically ionized gas i.e. plasma from the plasma cutter itself, through the work piece to be cut, thus forming a completed electric circuit back to the plasma cutter through a grounding clamp.

This is accomplished by a compressed gas (in standard air) which is blown through a focused nozzle at high speed toward the work piece. An electrical arc is then formed within the gas, between an electrode near or integrated into the gas nozzle and the work piece itself. The electrical arc ionizes some of the gas, thereby creating an electrically conductive channel of plasma. As electricity from the cutter torch travels down this plasma it delivers sufficient heat to melt through the work piece. At the same time, much of the high velocity plasma and compressed gas blow the hot molten metal away, thereby separating, i.e. cutting through, the work piece.

Profile guide axis

  • Ball screw for X and Z axis
  • highest precision and durability
  • Spindle protected from dirt and dust
  • no readjustment, even under heavy use
  • collision detection with machine stop

Material Guiding (frontgate)

  • manual steady Infeed of the X and Z axes for repeatable and accurate guiding of the workpiece
  • free rotation together with the workpiece
  • easy and fast
Control panel (HMI)
19" Panel PC with Windows 10
· TFT LCD · resolution 1440x900 · Resistive touch screen · SSD hard drive 256 GB · Intel® processor
Data Format

G-code files
Energy efficiency

Highly efficient servo-engines and drive control components

Embedded controller for PLC, motion and CNC applications for up to 16 NC axes
Setup function

· Manual positioning of all axes · Simulation with / without axis movement

Technical data for the P-Cut 220

profile max.Ø 220mm round / 150x150mm square
workpiece weight max.300 kg
profile length max.6000 mm
special length e.g. 12 m on request
Loading side (open machine)standard left (on request right)
noise emission< 65 dB
setup area6800 mm x 920 mm
electrical connection400 V, 50 Hz / 5,5 kW
pneumatic connectionca. 8 bar
weight1200 kg

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